The new drill

When we introduced a new mainboard for our latest drilling machine it became apparent that the complexity of your task asked too much our engineering department. Fully automated drilling with seamless drill head changes requires a lot of components we have never worked with before, so they estimated that the time and money required will be too high for to project to still remain profitable. Therefore we started looking for a partner or someone with a lot of experience with industrial electronics manufacturing services. ENICS distinguished itself from the competition by not only developing and designing industrial electronics, but by providing full life cycle management. They provided design support and knowledge and helped our engineers choosing the right components for our design, therefore providing us with component engineering and letting our engineers access their extensive and up-to-date component database to ensure that our new product will be cheap to build and still high quality. By building a prototype and helping with the industrialization of our production and doing all the PCB assembly, the time to market was significantly reduced. But theirs service did not end there. Since they are specialized on full life cycle management, they helped with optimizing our production, provided product support and conducted several inspections or our production lines to help eliminate deficiencies and therefore prolong our products life cycle. Since their service also includes redesigns, our new drill will be on the market for quite some time. Our cooperation with ENICS helped with new product introduction by speeding up the process, reduced overall costs, which we gladly passed our customers, and helped us ensuring that our product will be on the market for a long time, since we can bring redesigns far faster on the market and the quality standards are much higher than before. Looking for a strong partner has never been a better decision. Some new projects, which are still in the pipeline, will also profit from that collaboration.